Audio Annotate module for Drupal

After throwing a few ideas around the office I decided to create a new CCK formatter that acts a bit like sound-cloud except doesn’t required their hosting. This was an issue for out implementation as it would need to go in a private intra-net.
It is basically for giving feedback on peoples sound work.

Demo Site

Firstly it uploads an MP3, copies it to a low quality WAV, crunches through bytes, makes an image from the bytes, places the image underneath a themed jPlayer and …… using jQuery, allows comments to be placed on top!

I am planning on making the module better but its just pretty bare bones at the moment to get it released as a real module, fingers crossed.

The design is fluid and used percentages for the coordinates so it should (he hopes) fit any design.

Please read the README first as there is some pre config required.

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